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I'm so sad.

My backpack is ripped, so my mom says I have to get a new one...

My backpack was the best. I took it on a drive from California to Texas, from Texas to Mississippi. In the United States it's been to California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, New York, Philadelphia, Massachusetts, and Missouri. I've also taken it to Canada, London, Pakistan, Turkey, and Greece... I'm going to miss it...

I told one of my friends this (who went on many trips with me in Mississippi and Philidelphia) and she said:
"Oh Umer's backpack
We knew ye well
You engulfed all of Umer's stuff
And some of mine too haha
And never failed to reproduce it
Take care, dear backpack
You may be ripped
But you'll be intact in our hearts
*subtle sobs*"

May my backpack Rip In Pieces. May it RIP...